Grading System


       Testing will be administered to all 4th, 5th and 6th graders. Testing will include, but not be limited to, exercises and mile runs. They will also include notes taken from videos and terminology given to the students by their instructor.

Videos will include: Anatomy, bones, nuitrition, the food pryamid, the bodies defence sysems, circulatory (cardio-vascular) system, digestive system, respiratory system and endocrine ststem.

Grading will be: 100-91 = A

                              90-81 = B

                              80-71 = C

                              70-61 = D

                               60 and below = F

       Grading on academics will account for 50% of the students grade. Exercises and participation will account for 15%. The remaning 35% will include attitude, how well student works with others, and atendance.