Teacher Profile

Philip Fontenot (Coach F)
Physical Education Specialists

I was born in Baton Rouge, La and raised mostly in New Orleans, La. We traveled throughout the world in my early years before settling down outside of New Orleans. I moved to California after serving in the U.S.Air Force and U.S. Army. For approximately 12 yrs, I worked in the medical field in different areas from phlebotomy to x-ray and finally in Physical Therapy. After getting my Undergraduate in Kinesiology I found it very hard to get into the Physical Therapy program. So a friend suggested teaching Physical Education since I was a Health and fitness fanatic.

Since applying for a position as a Physical educator, I’ve earned my Masters in Education and Kinesiology. Health and Fitness is truly my life, and I am honored to work with children and hopefully have a positive impact on how they maintain their health through staying active and fit; not only physically, but mentally.