Volunteer at School

If you would like to volunteer in your student’s class or attend field trips you must complete a volunteer packet. A volunteer packet can be picked up in the school office.

Fingerprinting:  Fingerprinting is a must if you would like to attend field trips. Fingerprinting is only required one time as long as you update your volunteer information yearly. Fingerprinting is performed at Serna Center, 5735 47th Avenue, near the corner of Stockton and 47th Avenue.  Hours are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, closed from 12 noon – 1:00 pm. Cost is $47.00.  Please bring valid picture ID, and blue paper provided in volunteer packet.

TB testing:  Volunteers must provide proof that they have been tested and are tuberculosis-free every four years.  If a volunteer has proof of a recent negative TB test, that document should be shown to office staff to comply with the requirement.  The district offers free TB testing for staff and volunteers on a regular basis, at no charge.

Sex Offender Check:  Sex Offender check will need to be completed yearly. All volunteers must complete this form and return it to the school office. It is the pink paper in the volunteer packet. There is no charge for this check. 

Once you have been cleared, please contact your child’s teacher to let him or her know that you are ready!